Questions and Answers


International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) has a long and proud history of providing girls with an environment of safety and encouragement, where they can develop skills and confidence in the areas of leadership and citizenship while also enjoying themselves and having fun. With a focus of getting girls ready for life, IORG was at the forefront in implementing protective policies to prevent harm to our youth, and to provide them with guidelines about setting and keeping appropriate boundaries, respecting themselves and others, recognizing inappropriate behaviors, and knowing when to take action.

IORG recognizes that the inclusion of transgender youths has become a key issue across the United States, and provides the following guidance to our jurisdictions:

·         Acceptance of transgender youth will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the best interest and wellbeing of the child, family, and the members of the specific assembly remaining the top priorities.

·         Recognizing that being different is often the basis for harassment or other abusive or offensive behaviors, the IORG reiterates our position of no tolerance for the maltreatment of any Rainbow Girl, and remains committed to ensuring a safe environment for all Rainbow Girls, volunteers, and guests. Any incident of discrimination, harassment, or abuse will be given immediate attention, and handled in the same manner as any other complaints of maltreatment.

·         IORG maintains a no tolerance policy against all forms of maltreatment, and remains committed to enforcing appropriate safeguards to ensure that girls are properly and safely supervised during all Rainbow activities and events.

·         IORG does not entertain frivolous applications and, should a petition for membership from a transgender youth be accepted, will take necessary means to determine whether the child is living culturally as a girl and is recognized by family, school, community, and medical providers.

·         Any girl who has need for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason, will be provided with reasonable alternatives to the extent of the assembly’s ability to do so for changing, sleeping arrangements, and other travel-related activities.

·         As with other matters of privacy, assembly leaders are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the child, the family, and the process of determination of a transgender youth.

Accepted by the Supreme Executive Board of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls on November 19, 2015.