After the Storm There Is Rainbow

After The Storm There Is A Rainbow

A reminder of hope delivered through love and service Nebraska style

Stop for a moment. Take a deep breath and listen. What do you hear? After the storm there is silence. There is shock. Numerous EF-3 tornadoes impacted eastern Nebraska on Friday April 26. Areas of Lincoln, Waverly, Elkhorn, Waterloo, Bennington, and Blair all received significant damage. Hundreds of homes and businesses have been leveled. Devastation is widespread. Less than a week has passed and when you now stop for a moment and listen the silence has been replaced with teamwork, hope, love and service. After the storm there is Rainbow.


Hundreds of relief agencies, first responders, and volunteers of all ages and skills are clamoring and chattering as they partner up and come together to meet any and every need they can. One of these dynamic teams of volunteers is our Nebraska Rainbow family. Led and directed by the adult leadership of Elkhorn/Waterloo Assembly #38 and Benson Diana Assembly #2 (Omaha) Nebraska Rainbow is partnering with first responders in the area and the Bethany Lutheran Church in Elkhorn to facilitate, prepare, and hand over for distribution VOLUNTEER PACKS. More than 800 have already been prepared this week. They are quite simple, a bag with two bottles of water and two prepackaged snacks. Their impact is huge as the demanding physical exertion experienced by all the workers can be given encouragement, refreshment and much needed hydration. A simple gift of love and service that is growing rapidly.


This story is just beginning. Five of Nebraska’s assemblies took part Wednesday night May 1 for their second Packing Party.  Donations and support have already come from six Nebraska Eastern Star Chapters, Lodges and DeMolay Chapters. Dollars are flowing in to continue to facilitate the ability to buy more supplies for packaging. Today a truck load of deliveries is heading to Waterloo from central Nebraska. The third Packing Party will be Sunday May 5.


Members, Pledges and Siblings in Wednesday Night Packing Party #2


One bag at a time makes an impact.

Bags growing into filled boxes.


All together we share love and service.


No job TOO BIG!

No hands too small!


Together we make a difference.

After the storm there is a Rainbow.

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