Landa Uffelman of Montana, Inspiring Alumni March 2021

Landa Uffelman of Montana, Inspiring Alumni March 2021

Being a Rainbow Girl taught me many different skills and mannerisms that I use in everyday life. Some of those skills include public speaking, service to my community, how to work with people, and the ability to have self-pride in one’s work. My name is Landa Uffelman and I am the owner of The Farmer’s Daughter General Store; a gift shop/boutique with an old fashioned soda fountain, located in my hometown. I am the 3rd generation in my family to own the historic building on Main Street and operate a business there. While I did have plans to someday take this path, I thought it would be later in life, so I earned my degree in Elementary Education with plans to be a 1st grade teacher. While service to my community through Rainbow was rewarding enough, it also helped me receive scholarships which helped pay for my college education. After completing my degree, the opportunity to own the historic building arose and I made the decision to be a business owner at the age of 24. Because of Rainbow, I have the confidence and skills to operate my business. I socialize with customers every day (familiar and unfamiliar) in person and over the phone, know the importance of donating and volunteering in my community,and work hard to make sure my store is organized, clean, prepared for upcoming events, and carries the right products for my customers. Rainbow has taught me how to put forth the extra effort to see the successful end result.  

Rainbow has also taught me stage presence. As the lead singer of the country band Exit 53, I spend my weekends traveling across Montana and Wyoming playing music. Because of Rainbow, I have the confidence to sing and play guitar in front of large crowds, communicate with those crowds, properly handle a microphone, and be fearless on stage.

I am so thankful for the opportunities presented to me through Rainbow. Serving as Grand Worthy Advisor for the State of Montana in 2015 enhanced these skills and I will forever be grateful for the lessons learned and memories made. I will always be a Rainbow Girl.

         ~Landa Uffelman

          Montana Past Grand Worthy Advisor

Thank you Landa for inspiring us!